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The Background Herd Sires:

DP Britisher AGA 46E

46E Britisher AGA 15H

Standard Lad 93J

Court Stanmore K58

93J Standard AGA 128M

128M Standard AGA 4S

128M Standard AGA 65T

AGA K58 Stanmore 13X

CTY K Stanmore X852

AGA 6U Standard  ET 40Y

DMF 81N Standard Lad 303Y

CTY K Stanmore Y9012

SNS Centennial ET 67Z

AGA 13X Britisher 107Z

CTY High Energy 116A

Generator ML Brit 16B
Semen For Sale from:
DP Britisher AGA 46E
46E Britisher AGA 15H
128M Standard AGA 65T
CTY K Stanmore Y9012
AGA 13X Britisher 107Z
CTY High Energy 116A

Miss 51K Britisher AGA 61N

13P Miss Britisher AGA 26T

AGA 40Y Miss Britisher 93A

Recent Herd Sires
Standard Lad 656 4ET
CTY Brigader 22B

AGA 852 Stanmore ET 9C

CTY Extra 335C

Bar OM 656 ST Command Lad 277D

CTY K Stanmore 4016D

AGA 63T Standard 24E

AGA 16B Generator 101E

FE 27A Extra 102E

MN 974Y Mischief 605E
AGA 656U Standard 33G
AGA 335C Extra 69G
AGA 277D Standard 191G
AGA 4016D Stanmore 218G
AGA 4016D 12H
AGA 85A Std Brit ET 26H
AGA 16F Brigader 77H
AGA 288D Standard 96H
AGA 605E Mischief 133H
AGA 9C Stanmore 231H
AGA 121G Stanmore 20J
AGA 191G Standard 85J
AGA 22B Brigader 97J
AGA 656U Standard ET 101J
AGA 4016D Stanmore 102J
AGA 191G Standard 141J
GEM General 13G
Calf Pictures
AGA 605E Mischief 133H

Bull Sale Highlights, 1998

AGA 107Z Britisher 99F
AGA 40Y Britisher 187F
AGA 110D Stanmore 609F
Performance Data, each page has its own list of bulls.
1997 Bulls For Sale
1998 Bulls For Sale
1999 Bulls For Sale
2000 Bulls for Sale
Light Birth Weight Program
Bull Sale Consignments, each page has its own list of bulls.
Bull Sale Consignments for 1999
Bull Sale Consignments for 2000
Bull Sale Consignments for 2001


Interesting Pages
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Bull Proof Mineral Feeder Feed Trough
Sheep Round Bale Feeder Feeding out of a Silage Bag
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Truck Mounted Round Bale Shredder Controversial Question

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