AGA 121G Stanmore 20J

20j.jpg (14549 bytes)

AGA 121G Stanmore 20J, June 2000.

20j2002.jpg (31768 bytes)

AGA 121G Stanmore 20J, 2002.

20J3.jpg (26337 bytes)
AGA 121G Stanmore 20J, June 2004.

Regn.#: C02738219 
Sex: Male 
Tattoo: XUB 20J 
Birth Date: 15/02/1999 
Regn. Status: Registered 
Horn: Horned 
Current Owner: Multiply Owned
Performance: BW:86 Adj:93 Ind:104
WW:790 Adj:791 Ind:116
YW:1230 Adj:1207 Ind:110
AI/ET Approved: AI - Without Semen Certificates 
DNA Case ID: HD2011003723 
Genetic Defect:
More Information
Free of Dilutor
Free of Idiopathic Epilepsy
Free of Hypotrichosis 
Progeny: [View All]   [View by Herd]
EPD Graph: [View]

      COURT STANMORE K 411 A18566228
    CTY K STANMORE 4016D C02641280
      COURTNEY LASS B290 A19292889
  Sire: AGA 4016D STANMORE 121G C02684060
      AGA CENTENNIAL 99B C02516386
    AGA 99B CENTENNIAL 51D C02592505
      AGA 91Z MISS HOT SHOT 173B C02525328
Animal: AGA 121G STANMORE 20J {DLF IEF HYF} C02738219
      CTY K STANMORE Y9012 C02533444
    AGA 9012 STANMORE 40E C02625116
      MISS 13P STANDARD AGA 26T C02223509
  Dam: AGA 40E MISS STANMORE 80G C02684038
      GENERATOR ML BRIT 16B C02517588
    AGA 16B MISS GENERATOR 20E C02625090
      AGA MISS 47F DOMINO 20X C02354206

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80g.jpg (16914 bytes)

AGA 40E MISS STANMORE 80G, dam of 20J, picture taken, Jan 2001.

80G22.jpg (35054 bytes)
AGA 40E MISS STANMORE 80G, September 2004.

Herd Bull 20J Herd Bull AGA 121G Stanmore 20J, Fall 2003, it is a 1.8 MB file, it is a video in the MPEG format.

There is also Semen available $60.00 (Canadian Dollars, 20+doses then $50.00) from AGA 121G Stanmore 20J,
call, 403 625-4693 or 625-2237, or Andy's Cell: 403 625-6316

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2009

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