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Brisket Disease

For Ranchers in high altitude who are concerned about "Brisket Disease", we have very good news. We can provide you with names of cattle people in high country who have used our bloodlines very successfully. Some of them are Pap testing and have those results on our cattle. Others are not testing because they have not had a Brisket problem. Please contact us if you are interested in what we have learned about this costly problem. We would also be happy to put you in contact with some of our customers. Phone Hans: 403 625-2237.

Show Records?

We are fully aware that show records are used very successfully by many breeders as a merchandising tool! However, we have noticed that fertility, reasonable birthweights, weaning weights with no creep feed and most economic gain in the feedlot, carry very little weight in the show ring. Therefore we have dedicated our time to select for these traits which are of the highest economic importance to our commercial customers.

During the years when Bull Test Stations performed an important task to find top gaining Herdbulls, we successfully took part in these tests, both as buyers and sellers. We have had high gainers and high sellers at Midland, Shaw, and Northwest Bull Tests in the U.S. Here at home, in Canada, we also had much success at the Innisfail and Bassano Test Stations. With the Test Station now almost a thing of the past we are still using home testing as an important part of our selection process.

We are very happy to note that the show ring is coming around to thicker kind of cattle, with less emphasis on extreme height. Of course for the time many of those thicker cattle are not genetically thicker, they are just fed harder and therefore appear thicker. We do recommend, if you want thickness, make sure it is natural thickness and not just the result of extreme feeding practices.


The following is a statement about the cow business which impressed us very much. We would like to repeat it for your consideration.

"Warning: With too much potential for growth and milk, in a low production environment, the resulting wreck in reproduction can be disastrous"

We believe that a herd of easy keeping, moderate sized Hereford cows will protect anyone against this kind of a disaster!


Last Updated Nov  27, 2003

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