Ranch Created


It is said that, "necessity is the mother of inventions", ours came from desperation, we were desperate to make our life a little easier, these ideas might also help your ranch as well, feel free to use our ideas and adapt them to your needs.

Fool Proof  Wire Gate Latches

Portable Round Bale Feeder, with salt box and brush oiler

Minimum Waste Round Bale Feeder for Calves to Bulls

Collapsible Round Bale Feeder for Sheep

Silage Bunks & Grain Troughs

Movable Feeder for feeding out of a Silage Bag.

Bull Proof Salt Box

Scissor Type Head Gate

Bull and Frost Proof Water Trough

Chop Feeding Box on Truck, Including Scale

Truck Mounted Bale Processor Version 2

Truck Mounted Bale Processor Version 1

Stainless Steel BBQ

Vibrating Post Pounder

Wire Roller

Post Puller

Cattle Handling System

Portable Water Tank & Trough

Quad Ramp, to drive over the fence with the Quad, no more gate opening.

Feed Trough

Last Updated Jan 06, 2018

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