Lilybrook Herefords

Links of Interest

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Interesting Sites:

Canadian Hereford Association (10692 bytes) Our Breed Association!

ALBERTA HEREFORD ASSOCIATION Our province's breed association.

American Hereford Association (6569 bytes) The American Hereford Association.

Calgary Bull Sale 12183 bytes) Come see us at the Calgary Bull Sale!

Canadian Border Collie Association, get more info on Border Collies.

Douglas Lake Ranch This is an interesting ranch in British Columbia, that uses Hereford genetics.

Reliable Scale We use this scale on a truck to feed our commercial animals.

Supreme International, we are extremely satisfied with their TMR (silage and hay feeding machine).

FarmShow, magazine that features interesting inventions.

Prairie Farm Report, television show that also sells videos about interesting farm inventions.

Fellow Alberta Horned Hereford Breeders:

Due to the many we would have to list and the redundancy of so doing, please find all of them at the Canadian Hereford web site, at There are many great sites to enjoy.

Relative's Websites:

Brauvieh International, George Ulrich's web site.

Stef's Small Web, Stefan Ulrich's stories and "artwork"...

Ulrich Hereford Ranch Inc, Peter Ulrich's web site.

Last Updated Nov 13, 2011

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