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Cattle For Sale

Bulls any age (this can also include used Herdbulls)!

Here at Lilybrook Herefords, we believe we are raising the kind of cattle necessary to compete in todays's industry. Knowing that matural-strength is our breed's number one purpose, cow-power is most important to us! We have purposely stayed clear of extremes in frame-sizes. Herefords are best suited under harsher conditions, so under those conditions there is no place for extreme cattle. We annually offer bulls at some of the spring sales (Calgary Bull Sale and Medicine Hat Bull Sale), but we really do prefer to sell them right at home by private treaty. So whether you need only one or a truckload, give us a call (403 625-4693 or cell 403 625-6316). We feel we will be able to satisfy your needs.

Bulls 2009

Here is an example of a few of the Bulls for sale. Picture taken August 2009.

Please check out the homepage, it has the links to the performance info or lists of cattle that are for sale at the moment!

Heifer Calves, Bred Yearling Heifers, and Cows!

Every fall we also have thirty to forty (30-40) purebred heifers for sale. As well as approximately one hundred (100) straight bred Hereford commercial heifers, which will all be safe in calf to our own light birthweight bulls. We sometimes also have a select group of purebred Cows for sale.

Bred Purebred Heifers (46434 bytes)

Bred purebred heifers looking forward to calving at your ranch!

Bred Commercial Heifers (36085 bytes)

Commercial heifers in breeding pasture in June.

Why buy a Lilybrook Hereford bull or replacement female?

  1. We have been performance testing for about 50 years!
  2. We stress good milking cows!
  3. Fertility and soundness are essential!
  4. Doing ability, thickness and muscle are a must!
  5. Frame is important, but never was our #1 criteria.
  6. With today's added frame and accelerated performance, calving ease is becoming increasingly important- check out our light birth weight program!
  7. If our top performing calves fail to meet the above requirements they still go for slaughter!

Come and take a look at what we have to offer!

Andy Schuepbach, phone 403 625-4693
cell: 403 625-6316
Dedicated fax: 403 625-1500
Hans Ulrich, phone: 403 625-2237

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2010

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