Foundation Sires


Lilybrook Herefords  is located in South-western Alberta (Canada) "Where the Wheatlands meet the Range". More exactly you will find us 10 miles (16km) east of Claresholm on secondary Highway 520 and 4.5 miles (7.5km) north. Claresholm is located 85 miles (136 km)South of Calgary or 50 miles (80 km) NW of Lethbridge.

Our soils are very sandy and with only 12 inches (30cm) average rainfall we are best described as under semi-desert conditions. Our cattle are run on mainly Crested Wheat grass, Native grass and some Alfalfa-grass mixed pastures. Most winters our cows will graze out for a good part of their winter feed. The snow usually does not get very deep and the occasional Chinook (a warm west wind) will clear off the fields for the cows.

Hans Ulrich managed the place for a Swiss family for ten years and ran the ranch as Dr. Amman's Hereford Ranch. In 1968 he rented the Ranch until 1994 when he was able to buy the Ranch, he ran it as Ulrich Hereford Ranch Ltd. Over the last years the Ranch has grown to 4900 acres of dry land farming and ranching.

In 2002 Ulrich Hereford Ranch Ltd was split into two operations. Andy Schuepbach manages Lilybrook Herefords and Peter Ulrich is operating Ulrich Hereford Ranch Inc. Andy Schuepbach married Margaret, Hans' middle daughter, in 1988 and became an integral part of the operation. Andy and Margaret have three children, Ruth, Michelle and Daniel.

Today Lilybrook Herefords Inc. runs on 3650 acres of forage production, 450 acres of that is under irrigation, producing Barley or Oats Silage on half and Alfalfa, Brome Grass mix Hay on the other half. This maintains 450 cows and close to 200 breeding heifers on a annual basis, in wet years we sell extra hay and in dry years we seem to get by with grazing our dry land hay fields. Annually the ranch sells approximately 75 to 80 bulls and 100 bred heifers, mostly by private treaty with a select group of bulls at the Calgary and Medicine Hat Bull Sales.

Foundation Sires

Previous to 1996 Cowherd Is Sired By Some Of The Following Bulls:

AGA 6U Standard ET 40Y, he is a High Voltage grandson out of our best 13P Cow, 13P Miss Britisher AGA 26T. He left us pretty near perfect uddered, high producing Cows with perfect feet. A real asset; Unfortunately we lost 40Y.

DMF 81N Standard Lad 303Y, a son of the well known 96 Standard Advance 81N "Andy" bull. This bull sired lots of meat and big testicles.

Some other bulls we brought up from Courtneys where CTY K Stanmore Y9012 and CTY Brigadier 24B, both bulls did a superb job in our light birth weight program. We also used CTY Stanmore X852 through Artificial Insemination very successfully together with a couple of his sons that we raised. One of them AGA 852 Stanmore ET 9C, he is also responsible for some of our light birth weight calves.

Another sire that did a great job for us is SNS Centennial ET 67Z, a full brother to the famous SNS Generator 28X.

AGA 13X Britisher 107Z, who did such a superb job at Nixdorffs (SNS) and where ever he was used,  we could use him only limited, to prevent too much inbreeding. 107Z is known for his top sons, many went on to do great jobs in well known purebred herds in Canada and the U.S.A.

Bulls And Cows That Have Influenced Our Herd.

The background of the Cowherd is mostly Real Prince Domino, Britisher and Wetmore Halflight bloodlines. Twenty-five to thirty years ago two of the outstanding herd bulls that were used in our breeding program were: Britisher Standard 33B and Britisher AGA 31D who created quite a bit of excitement on the 1976 World Hereford Conference Tour in Southern Alberta and left us some tremendous females.

The following year DP Britisher AGA 46E came along. He left us with some of the best Hereford Cows to ever walk our place, with good feet, nice udders with an abundance of milk and tremendous performance. In his footsteps followed his sons: 46E Britisher AGA 15H and GU 46E Britisher  51K. Both of these bulls produced much like their sire, good females and very popular bulls. Even today some of our best old Cows go back to these two 46E sons.

Most of the 46E background Cows were bred to Standard Lad 93J bull with great success. 93J was purchased at the Calgary Bull Sale in 1979 together with Stauffer Herefords and Doug Fraser. He was known and used successfully worldwide, a truly great sire. In the following years we used a number of 93J sons, grandsons, and great grandsons like 93J Standard AGA 1M, 93J Standard AGA 128M, 1M Standard AGA 13P which was used in our herd and several other well known breeding establishments. One of them is the LCI outfit, where 13P was the sire of many mothers of their record high selling bull calves like LCI SUPER VOLTAGE 15W, LCI HI VOLTAGE SON ND 38X, LCI SUPREME VOLTAGE 91Z, etc.

Another grandson of 93J was 128M Standard AGA 4S, we used him as a yearling and then sold him to Camco in the Calgary Bull Sale for a good price. He left us some of the top producing cows in our herd. We also used his full brother 128M Standard AGA 65T with good results. These two bulls were out of Peter's great cow Miss 51K Britisher AGA 61N, she produced many good daughters and herd bulls, in total we used eight sons out of this big and tremendous milking cow. One of her best known sons is AGA K58 Stanmore 13X, a yellow curly hair coated, thick and easy keeping son of Court Stanmore K58. We bought a semen share in K58 from Courtneys in Montana, he bred very well for us. We also used a full brother to 13X,  AGA K58 Stanmore ET 110D  with much success. His best son yet, AGA 110D Stanmore 609F sold for 14,500.00 at the 1998 Medicine Hat Sale to Lehr Herefords.

If you wish to learn more about the sires used leading up to today, see our Previous Herd Sire page.

We would like to extend an invitation to all of you to visit us at the ranch anytime, we are always happy to show you our operation.
Or you can get in contact with us through the addresses on the Home Page

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