Lilybrook Herefords

Minimum Waste Round Bale Feeder

Minimum waste bale feeder, side view (27751 bytes)

The end walls move towards each other. We place the hay bale in upright, rather then the way it came out of the baler because we find that the cattle can eat it better. The manger is 6 feet wide and the walls are 10 feet long, this allows for a bar in the middle of the manger that keeps the hay about 2 feet from the outside of the manger, therefore making the animals reach into the feeder for the hay and keeps them from wasting the hay. The bale is a 5 by 6 foot round bale.

Minimum waste bale feeder, end view (25462 bytes)

    As you can see, the cattle eat from the two end walls, these walls move towards each other as the cattle eat the bale. Yet to keep the cattle from pulling out the hay, there is a bar in the center of the "manger" to keep the wall from moving too close to the bale. We have had great success with this style of feeder, it allows calves to eat the bale all the way to the center, it also lets bulls do the same. The manger is mounted so it slides along the walls, it is also off the ground about 8 inches so that it clears the frozen stuff on the ground.

Last Updated 22 Apr 2003

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