Lilybrook Herefords

Feeding Silage out of a Silage Bag

Silage Wall (26486 bytes)

We find that this way of feeding cattle at a remote location is a way of making our life easier. To move the wall we use a steel bar or a truck bumper, as the cattle get bigger they usually can move it up as they eat the silage.

Closer view of the moveable manger (40723 bytes)

We had to put a plastic pipe over the steel gate because it is up against an electric fence. We have found that we need to put up the silage on the dry side, otherwise it freezes too much in the winter time and then the cattle have a hard time to eat it because it is like eating ice. The walls rest on two steel skids that hold it upright. After using it a few years we found that cattle often would push it too much and we had to but a small "T" shaped bumper that would hold it a couple of feet away from the silage so we could control the feed intake a little better. We found that although it works well we prefer to mix the hay and silage in our Supreme feed truck and feed the animals in a trough.

Last Updated 21 Apr 2003

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