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Steer Trial Info

1999 Steer Trial

What the Steer Trial at Stauffers Feedlot has taught us:

This group of Herefords was putting on every pound they gained for almost 5 cents less than a comparable group of 893 head of mixed crossbred steers! The exact numbers are: 573 lbs gained at the feedlot at 4.6 cents cheaper equals $26.36 earned by each steer for its owner, just by being an easy keeping Hereford!

Here are some of the numbers:
                                           Hereford                    Mixed Steers
Animals compared                   115 head                       893 head
Ave. starting wt.                       680 lbs                         621 lbs
Ave. selling wt.                         1253 lbs                       1267 lbs
Ave. Daily Gain                        3.29 lbs/day                  3.12 lbs/day
Lbs of feed per lb of gain         6.26 lbs                          6.38 lbs
Ave. cost per pound of gain     $0.487                           $0.533
Ave. days on feed                   175 days                         207 days

The Hereford steers in this trial consisted of mostly lower-end animals from purebred herds. If you use top-end Hereford Bulls on your cows you can do better than the above.

2000 Steer Trials

Some of the highlights of what we learned testing steers at the Alberta Hereford Steer Trial and the Hereford C to C program were the following:

1. At the steer trial one of our bull customer's steers topped the list on highest net $ returned.

2. One of our own steers had the biggest ribeye area of all the steers on test.

3. In the C to C test, the sire group from Gem General 13G had, by far, the highest per cent of Triple A (AAA) carcasses of the five sires tested.

It is our hope that more breeders will see the benefit of taking a look under the hide of the cattle we produce. Together we can have a positive impact on our breed.

Herefords make $ and a lot of $ents!

Here is a page of pictures of the animals at the 2006 Hiway 52 steer trial.

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2008

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