Lilybrook Herefords

Truck Mounted Chop Box with Scale

Truck with grain box and hay bale (27116 bytes)

The white and blue colored box is the grain box that holds the chop. It is hydraulically driven, so we mounted the hydraulic oil reservoir into the front bumper, we run a small pipe through the center of the bottom tank and in the winter time we circulate the antifreeze from the motor through it to warm the oil. This was a wonderful idea until the front frame of the truck started to break because the oil reservoir was too heavy so we relocated it up behind the cab. Before it was mounted on this truck, we drove the discharge auger with a electric starter motor which also worked relatively well. The round bale on the back is only temporary as we wish to build a bale shredder that fits behind the gain box... one can only do so much... this allows us to carry a round bale with the truck.

Grain Box  (31565 bytes)

Sometimes good ideas come as time goes by, so you can see we have added a few things over time. We find that being able to have the tools handy is a great idea, we don't have to hunt for them under a bunch of junk on the deck or lose them off the truck. The discharge auger is a 6 inch pipe and the flighting is about 5 inches. The whole thing is mounted on 4 scale bars so that we have the possibility of knowing exactly how much chop is being fed.

Scale and controls inside the truck (23869 bytes)

This is mounted inside the truck, it includes the control for the electric clutch on the hydraulic pump and the flow control and valves for the hydraulic system as well as the scale read out.

Last Updated 21 Apr 2003

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