Lilybrook Herefords

Feed Trough 2006

We needed a easy way to feed the cattle. It needed to be solid, dry and accessable for both feed truck and cattle. This is what we came up with.

Trough Concrete drying.
Here the concrete work is drying, the wooden boards are yet to be placed into the steel channels.

Trough inside
This is the finshed form, the black thing in the fore ground is the water trough. This is the side the cattle will be standing on.

The step for the manger.
The 2x4 board raises the concrete for the manger so the cattle don't need to reach all the way down to where they stand.
The board is held in place for the concrete pour by a bolt welded to the post. It gets cut off after the form is removed.

manger view
The outside wall of the manger is held in place by a pipe welded to the upright post, which is buried in the concrete.

manger concreted
This is what it looks like with concrete, and no boards.

Cattle Side
This is what the cattle will be seeing and standing on.

Finished Trough
Here they are using it.

Both Troughs
This is after two years of use.

Last Updated Nov 12, 2009

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