Truck Mounted

Bale Processor

This is the second version of our Bale Processor on a Truck. The first version can be found here.

The original version needed to be upgraded after the truck engine seized on us. It did however show us that the principle worked but with a few changes it would be even better. We had to revert back to using a tractor pulling a processor and we realized that we preferred the truck mounted one. It is more handy to get into the smaller pens and much faster to travel to the further away areas of the ranch. The tractor works better going through soft ground or deep manure and that is why we chose to acquire a used Army Truck (LMTV, M-1078 made by Stewart & Stevenson), it came with a Diesel (Cat 3116 which has 225 hp) engine and automatic Transmission (Allison MD 3070 PT) and most important, 4 wheel drive. The other thing we learned was that we needed more horse power at the motor driving the beater. So we have a 90 hp hydraulic motor that is driving the beater now. We aimed to get this with only about 1200 RPM on the motor. Driving the beater with hydraulics is simpler for us than a direct PTO system. We are driving the hydraulic pump (AA4VG90HD3D1/32R-NSF52F021D Axial Piston - Closed Circuit Pump mated with a 15 gpm gear pump for auxiliary hydraulics)  off the side of the transmission with a PTO gear box (280 GMFJP-B5XD we ended up exchanging the gear ratio for something faster due to a slight miscalculation on our part). The motor is a R902193516 AA2FM160/61W-VSD520 Axial Piston - Fixed motor. The pump and motor are made by Rexroth. It was a little tight to get the shaft off the PTO to the hydraulic pump so we had to lift the pump up above the top of the deck but because we have everything mounted on a scale, there was room and it all worked out. We continue to like our Brandt Bale processor (unfortunately they do not make this product anymore) because it is able to do both round and square bales. As well it throws the material out the side and so gives us a little higher clearance over the odd fence, and it does not matter how the round bale falls into the tub, it will process it out. We are delighted in how the whole system works now.

Here are some pictures while it was being built, unfortunately we did not take enough pictures.

We made the deck out of 2 by 3 inch tubing.

The rear tubing is heavy walled (1/2 inch) 6 by 10 tubing, it holds the load arms so needed to be strong.

We needed a way to get onto the deck, this hopefully will not be torn off while driving close to troughs or fences...

This is how the pump cover looks under our grain box. As you see in the first picture there is not much room next to the transmission so
it is all behind the transmission and the shaft had to point up a bit to clear everything, so this is the result.

This is how the motor is mounted, through a double chain and sprocket so there is some flex in the shaft.
The canvas looking tube moves out and allows the grain to flow out into where it needs to go, and this way moves up out of the way for storage.

Last updated: January 06, 20018

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