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"Where Practical, Efficient Cattle Have Been, And Always Will Be, Our Livelihood!"

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History & Breeding Program   (updated 09 Nov 01)
Here are hyperlinks to many past and present animals, their pictures and pedigrees.
Light Birth Weight Program      (updated 10 Nov 98)

Cattle For Sale   (updated 10 Jan 01)
2000 K Calves Performance Data, they are for sale!  (updated 06 April 02)
2001 L Calves Performance Data, they are for sale!  (updated 24 Oct 01)
Bull Sale Consignments for 2002,   (updated 26 Feb 02)

Semen For Sale   (updated 19 Jan 02)

Steer Trial Info (updated 15 Oct 01)

Hans' Editorial Page:   (updated 08 Oct 98)
Interesting Reading:
Brisket Disease
Show Records?
Purity of Hereford Blood

Web Video   (updated 19 Nov 01)

Controversial Question!?    (updated 30 June 98)

Ranch Created Inventions    (updated 13 Mar 01)

Map To The Ranch   (updated 13 May 98)

Cartoon   (updated 15 Feb 00)
A humorous way to detect Mad Cow Disease

Links of Interest   (updated 17 Feb 00)

Thank You   (updated 08 April 99)

Web Site Cattle Index  (updated 03 May 01)

Archive   (updated 27 Feb 02)

Non-Cattle Items For Sale   (updated 25 Jan 02)

Asto the Border Collie with 26T and Calf (18K bytes)

Asto the Border Collie working 26T and the calf 27C.

Contact Andy for your stock dog inquiries.

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