Lilybrook Herefords

Portable Water Tank & Trough

Tank4.jpg (18494 bytes)

We needed a way to water some animals in different pastures with no normal water source, the main source of water is from irrigation pivots. We also needed to feed salt and mineral as well as have a way of controlling flies so we mounted a mineral box and a brush for the cattle to scratch. The water tank is capable of holding more than 3600 gallons (16,200 liters) of water, that way we only need to fill the tank every few days. The whole thing is mounted on skids so we can pull it from place to place when it is empty. The water trough is also on skids and tied to the tank stand, yet can be removed and used somewhere else if the need arises. We made a small wooden platform on the end of the water trough so calves can reach into the trough. We mounted a strong cage around the valve and float so the cattle do not break it off.

Tank3.jpg (29087 bytes)

It may not look like it in the picture but the pivot does go over top of the tank. That way the pivot can still irrigate without fear of damaging the system.

TankBox1.jpg (25611 bytes)

Here is a view of the mineral/salt box and brush for the flies.

TankTrough1.jpg (21917 bytes)

We used a poly water trough so it would not rust. The cage needs to be strong so the cattle do not damage the valve underneath it.

Last Updated 06 Dec 2003

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