Lilybrook Herefords

Semen For Sale, Original Page

We have the following bull's semen for sale:

(please click on the blue hyperlink or bulls picture to see more info on the bull.)

AGA 13X Britisher 107Z  (14809 bytes) AGA 13X BRITISHER 107Z

CTY K Stanmore Y9012 (16703 bytes) CTY K STANMORE Y9012

46E Britisher AGA 15H (20337 bytes) 46E BRITISHER AGA 15H

DP Britisher AGA 46E (30578 bytes) DP BRITISHER AGA 46E

CTY High Energy 116A (24477 bytes) CTY HIGH ENERGY 116A

For more information, price and availability please contact:

Lilybrook Herefords
Hans Ulrich, phone: 403 625-2237
Andy Schuepbach, phone 403 625-4693   
Dedicated fax: 403 625-1500

Last Updated 23 Sep 2004

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