Lilybrook Herefords

Post Puller

We had 5 miles (8km) of fence to pull out, so we built this contraption. It allows one person to safely pull out the posts by themselves. There is no chain that can break. We originally built it for our BobCat but found it worked just as nice on our TV140 Bi-Directional Tractor after we built a converting bracket so we could mount it.

postpullerbobcat.jpg (21439 bytes)

Here you can see our wire rolling device as well as the post puller part.

postpullerTV140frontclosed.jpg (15398 bytes)

The post is clamped tightly in the vice and it will not slip if clamped correctly.

postpullerTV140side.jpg (13759 bytes)

We collected the posts at the same time as we pulled them, this obviously took a second person, but all the posts were then off the field.

postpullerTV140front.jpg (16765 bytes)Here is a video of the post puller in action, being used by the Tractor. It is a 2.1 meg file.

postpullerbobcat.jpg (21439 bytes)Here is a video of the post puller being used by the Bob Cat. It is a 1.1 meg file.

Last Updated 21 Apr 2003

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