These videos are of the cattle we had at Hardisty, 2010.

To play the videos click on each blue square or the name of the cow and calf you wish to view.

The Video player has controls at the bottom if you hover your mouse over the video, you can make it full screen
by clicking the square at the far end of the control bar...

If you wish to see these videos in a larger player, try this page.

125T & 26X Lilybrook Video 28R & 47X Lilybrook Video 250T & 235X Lilybrook Herefords 82L & 66X Lilybrook Herefords 69S & 11X Lilybrook Herefords 190P & 200X Lilybrook Video Group 1 Lilybrook Herefords Group 2 Lilybrook Herefords
player container and a splash image (play button) let rest of the page float normally

Last updated: Sept 25, 2010

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