Lilybrook Herefords

AGA 22B Brigader 97J

97j.jpg (13278 bytes)

AGA 22B Brigader 97J, June 2000.

PEDIGREE OF: AGA 22B Brigader 97J TATTOO: ALNK 97J  RT EAR     REG # C02738257      DATE OF BIRTH: 27 Feb 99

                                                                                                          BP RED STANDARD 137W   C02303766
                                                                                       BAR PIPE BRIGADIER 19Y   C0238945
                                                                                                        BP MISS EXTRA 205W   C02303775
                                                                               CTY BRIGADER 22B    C02623018
                                                                                                        BELL L 85B DOMINO 66J   C01713013
                                                                                        LADY 66J B DOM 509   A18704719
                                                                                                        MISS ARDMORE 6209   A17189677
                                    AGA 22B Brigader 97J
                                                                                                        BP 203U EXTRA 18A   C02472437
                                                                                      CTY EXTRA 335C   C02639604
                                                                                                        REAL PRINCESS Y953   A19033248
                                                                               AGA 335C MISS EXTRA 8G   C02684118
                                                                                                        SNS CENTENNIAL ET 67Z   C02443944
                                                                                       AGA 67Z MISS CENTENNIAL 81D   C02592530
                                                                                                        AGA MISS 47F DOMINO 7Y   C02401115


Performance Information

B.D. B.W. B.W.I. Wean Weight W/DA 205D Wean Index Year Weight  W/DA 365D Year Index
27/02/99 82 109.3 725 3.47 765 112.2 1175 3.11 1190 108.7

8g.jpg (17860 bytes)

AGA 335C MISS EXTRA 8G, dam of 97J, picture taken, Jan 2001.

Last Updated 13 Dec 2003

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