Ulrich Hereford Ranch

Lethbridge Bull Sale Consignee, 2002


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AGA 13G GENERAL 128K, Jan 2002.

PEDIGREE OF: AGA 13G GENERAL 128K TATTOO: XUB 128K  RT EAR     REG # C02757205      DATE OF BIRTH: 26 Feb 00

                                                                                                         SNS GENERATOR 28X   C02352995
                                                                                         GENERATOR STANDARD 10A   C02469961
                                                                                                        MISS 417 STAN SUPERB 7Y   C02400559
                                                                                 GEM GENERAL 13G   C02689142
                                                                                                        MF STANDARD LAD 75N   C02034481
                                                                                         AD 75N LASS 31W   C02313035
                                                                                                        COMMANDER LASS 14T   C02251328
                                    AGA 13G GENERAL 128K
                                                                                                        HI STANDARD LAD 20P   C02075959
                                                                                         SJSL HI 20 STAND LAD 10S   C02190506
                                                                                                        STANDARD L1 LASS 10G   C01665104
                                                                               AGA MISS 10S STANDARD 132W   C02312517
                                                                                                        STANDARD LAD 93J   C01779291
                                                                                         MISS 93J STANDARD AGA ET 73R   C02127456
                                                                                                        MISS 46E BRITISHER AGA 97K   C01784928


Performance Information

B.D. B.W. B.W.I. Wean Weight WPDA 205 Day Wean Index Year Weight WPDA 365 Day Year Index
26/02/00 116 84.9 565 3.04 622.8 Foster Dam 1150 3.06 1114 Foster Dam


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AGA MISS 10S STANDARD 132W, dam of 128K, No picture available.

Last Updated 22 Feb 2002

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