Ulrich Hereford Ranch

Medicine Hat Bull Sale Consignee, 2002


103k.jpg (19969 bytes)

AGA 4016D STANMORE 103K, Jan 2002.

PEDIGREE OF: AGA 4016D STANMORE 103K TATTOO: XUB 103K  RT EAR     REG # C02757192      DATE OF BIRTH: 22 Feb 00

                                                                                                          STANMORE 43K   C01816763
                                                                                         COURT STANMORE K 411   A18566228
                                                                                                        MISS ARDMORE 7112   A17402762
                                                                                 CTY K STANMORE 4016D   C02641280
                                                                                                        BAR PIPE BRIGADIER 19Y   C02389455
                                                                                         COURTNEY LASS B290   A19292889
                                                                                                        REAL PRINCESS Z090   A19131456
                                    AGA 4016D STANMORE 103K
                                                                                                        SNS GENERATOR 28X   C02352995
                                                                                         GENERATOR ML BRIT 16B   C02517588
                                                                                                        STANDARD MO LE LASS 5U   C02258119
                                                                               AGA 16B MISS GENERATOR 182E   C02625246
                                                                                                        46E BRITISHER AGA 15H   C01655485
                                                                                         MISS 15H BRITISHER AGA 96U   C02267106
                                                                                                        MISS 93J STANDARD AGA 51R   C02123418


Performance Information

B.D. B.W. B.W.I. Wean Weight WPDA 205 Day Wean Index Year Weight WPDA 365 Day Year Index
22/02/00 100 98.1 595 3.13 643.0 93.8 1185 3.12 1139 98.7


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182e.jpg (15082 bytes)

AGA 16B Miss Generator 182E, dam of 103K, picture taken in 2002.

Last Updated 15 Mar 2002

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