Bull is owned by: Ace Diemert, John Sumner, Lochar Burn, Lilybrook Herefords.


0827 Three Years Old
GENETIC 137Y LAD 0827 Three Years Old
0827T Two Years Old
GENETIC 137Y LAD 0827, Two Years Old

Regn.#: A42962795 
Sex: Male 
Tattoo: 0827 
Birth Date: 09/04/2008 
Horn: Horned 
Breeder: Ace Diemert
Current Owner: Multi...
Foreign Regn. No.: A42962795 
DNA Case ID: DC999245 
Genetic Defect:
More Information
Free of Dilutor
Free of Idiopathic Epilepsy
Free of Hypotrichosis 
Progeny: [1 - View] [View by Herd]
EPD Graph: [View]

      HI STANDARD LAD 20P C02075959
    SJSL HI 20 STAND LAD 10S {DLF IEF HYF} C02190506
      STANDARD L1 LASS 10G C01665104
  Sire: AGA 10S STANDARD 137Y C02401224
      DP BRITISHER AGA 46E {DLF IEF HYF} C01466319
    GU MISS 46E BRITISHER 10K C01782847
      GU MISS 50Y 97F C01534826
Animal: GENETIC 137Y LAD 0827 {DLF IEF HYF} A42962795
      FE 27A EXTRA 356E C02631443
    AD EXTRA 9806 A41043594
      RH 8020 LADY 9256 A19297210
  Dam: AD 9806 EXTRA LADY 4066 A42471654
      GH 118 GENERATOR 431 A19448673
    GH MS GENERATOR 943 A42035278
      GH MISS MAC 247 A19304052

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Last updated: Dec 2, 2013

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